Chaos Lords Edit

History Edit

There were 13 heroes who defeated Mother of Monsters (or Queen of Monsters) long years ago in Lore, but now they are chosen to be the chaos lords who will free her. And in order to free her, all chaos lords must be defeated

1st Chaos Lord (Escherion) Edit

He is a mage chosen to be the first chaos lord by Drakath. He invaded Mobius some time after Swordhaven was under attackand he was searching for the Runix Cube to summon his chaos beast (the chaos Hydra) then when the hero confronted him in the inverted tower, he turned into a frog.

2nd Chaos Lords (Xing and Xang) Edit

Part 1 Edit

The twins did not expect this to happen in the beginning. They were just helping the hero to decide which he/she should be in. Just after helping the hero they thought of helping Drakath in his decision of the next chaos lord, so they did. When they went to the place where Drakath is, he switched the good Xang with her opposite reflection that is evil from the Mirror Realm. The two then helped Drakath come of the idea of crushing Battleon Town with two meteors. While the mages went to Battleon Town to suggest ideas on how to defend the town, Twilly suggested to teleport Battleon to a safe place in Greenguard. During the time the meteors crashed Greenguard forest, the town was accidentally teleported on the top of the mountain that is near Shadowfall Empire. And when the town was about crash Gravelyn's fortress, they teleported safely back to Greenguard and avoided the meteors.

Part 2 (after the 12th chaos lord) Edit

Drakath was just planning a new attack. While the twins were suggesting, he got switched with his alternative self that's from The Mirror Realm. Mirror Drakath told evil Xang to return home to the Mirror Realm, but she refused. Then Mirror Drakath told her that their conversation is not yet over, and he left to find the hero. While the hero was asking Warlic and Cysero how activate a medallion to fight the Pain Bleeder, Mirror Drakath found the hero and recalled that he/she don't have an alternative self in the Mirror Realm and warned him/her that is they don't find an altenative, he/she would be erased from existence. So they went back to Battleoff and asked Mirror Warlic and Cysero to create a device that will find energy waves that matches the hero's output and the direction is leading to Brightfall. In the part of the city, they found the celestial egg trapped in the monolith stone. While they are still in Brightfal,the chaos Drakath switched the both evil twins with the good ones so that they will steal the egg from the hero, Mirror Gravelyn and Drakath. When the evil twins got the egg, they gave it to King Alteon the Imbalanced (the alternative if the good Alteon). So the hero and Mirror Drakath teamed up with Dage the Good to help find the egg and when they found Alteon, Undead Artix attacked the hero and he was defeated. Mirror Gravelyn grabbed the egg from Alteon but the twins stole it again but the evil Xing got switched with the good Xing to correct the imbalance of the two Xangs. But then the evil Xing in the Mirror Realm threw the egg to chaos Drakath that is in the other side of the realm. They knew that the hero would be stuck in the Mirror Realm if they don't get the egg back, so the chaos Drakath made a deal with his alternative that he will give the egg if the evil Xang will stay in his realm, then Mirror Drakath accepted. Some days later, the hero got switched with the egg while he/she was talking to Cleric Joy and Dawn. They told the hero that they must switch the both Xangs back to the right realms before they're going to summon their chaos beast (the chaos harpy). They made the switch in the middle of the summon, but it turned out that the switch of the both Xangs was planned by chaos Drakath the whole time and the twins successfully summon their chaos beast. The evil Xang though did not liked what happened since she got betrayed. So the hero returned to his/her realm to fight the chaos Harpy. When the hero defeated it, Xiang (combination of Xing and Xang) appeared on the front of him/her and was about to destroy the hero, but the Xang side of Xiang did not want to fight the hero, so Xiang looks like she was fighting herself since the twins are merged into one body. After Xiang was defeated, her (or their) life is spared and free to go.

3rd Chaos Lord (Vath) Edit

Vath is a Dragonlord that attacked Dwarfhold with his chaos drones and his dragon called Stalagbite. The hero was summoned to find out Vath's plans. Some tome later, he/she got betrayed by one of the dwarves, Snowbeard, and got in prison. The hero managed to get outwith the help of some dwarves. When Rock Roc was defeated, Vath got the hero with both of them locked into combat. The hero destroyed the Dragon Amulet that controlled Stalagbite. The dragon thanked the hero for freeing him then he flew him away while taking Vath with him.

4th Chaos Lord (Kitsune) Edit

Kitsune used to be one of the yokai that protect the peace and balance in Yokai Island, but his mind is corrupted by Drakath, he hold him that he can become very powerful of he join his side.