Nulgath Larvae

Nulgath Larvae

Nulgath Larvae is a pet that is obtained in the 'Hire Nulgath Larvae' quest. When clicked on, this pet will give two quests, 'Mana Energy for Nulgath' and 'Fighting Pheonix Blade of Nulgath'.

Location: N/A                                                                                                     Price: N/A (Obtained from Drudgen the Assistant, 'Hire Nulgath Larvae' quest)                             Description: What's that you say? Well, I simply used some extra souls I had to create this mini version of me.


  • Previously called 'Mini Miltonious'.
  • The blue flame in hand bursts and reveal the word Miltonious Nulgath.
  • Gives Nulgath Larvae quests when clicked on the face.
  • Pet is Member only.